Sri Lankan Wedding Photographers & Modern Trends

Wedding Photographers in Sri Lanka have always kept pace with the global advancements in photography and its phenomenal changes. The desires of brides & bridegrooms and the innovations of today’s wedding photographers of Sri Lanka have made use of these advancements & digital technologies in creating modern trends in wedding photography in Sri Lanka.

Advancements in digital photography and computer software & multimedia based wedding photography in the 20th century, have converted studios into desktops and more and more independent & professional photographers are joining this highly competitive market of wedding photography in Sri Lanka.

In terms of trends in photography, there are many approaches of Sri Lankan wedding photographers today. First is Traditional wedding photography and it is more classical with posed images, very much in photographer’s control. The second is photojournalist wedding photography that captures & records in journalistic reporting type. In the second case the photographer has little interaction, but has to be highly skilled enough to capture the motions & emotions and perfect backgrounds of the subject.

The third is popular with the higher-society clients, mainly in Colombo and urban areas of Sri Lanka, where either in-studio or location shooting takes place for “classical or glamour type wedding photographs“. These are mostly in line with trends from the west. There is also the “fashion oriented wedding photography” that has emerged with color & style. We also see in Sri Lanka, some couples preferring scenes and similar backgrounds of their favourite teledramas & films at outdoor locations for their wedding photographs & albums.

Wedding photographers are called to shoot the dressing rituals and preparations of bride & bridegroom and bridal party of maids, best man, flower girls & page boys prior to the functions. The main events photographed are the engagement, the wedding in the church or the poruwa ceremony etc, followed by the other events such as the wedding ceremony and receptions. While photography of main events of the engagement, the wedding itself and the receptions are generally indoors, outdoor photography at a parks, beaches, cultural & sentimental locations or beautiful nature locations are taken on the engagement, wedding and homecoming days are extremely popular.

Moments by Sri Lankan Wedding Photographers

In all these, the wedding photographers, dress professionals, hair stylists & make-up artists, decorators, chauffeurs & limousines etc feature prominently spending much time, care and preparation. There are changes of dresses of the bridal party and backgrounds are selected to get the best effect.

Sri Lankan wedding photographers today specialize in both in-studio and location shoot-outs. Extensive use of multimedia & digital technologies, with 3D animations & digital art is the common practice. There are many photographic and video products & deliverables to engage the viewers. These range from recording & screening of the main events, to event albums & videos, to childhood & life summary shows during receptions; web-based galleries of albums & videos etc. The packages and details are discussed & prepaid long before the wedding day.

The trend in wedding photography has changed enormously in the recent times In Sri Lanka. We see many professional cameramen & videographers with their support crew covering from different view angles, using state-of-the-art modern & mobile photographic equipment, taking a major time share of a wedding event to capture the cherished moments. The clients also prefer these new changing trends in photography in Sri Lanka. They love the modern portraits, landscapes and silhouettes in story book documentaries and in journalistic videos and life shows. This is also the trend in many countries, as seen on websites and YouTube videos on Wedding Photography.

In Sri Lanka, Wedding Photographers are very much high-in-demand today. More than ever, modern Wedding Photographers have succeeded in engaging viewers. This viewer-engagement has no boundaries in these times, with Facebook and other social media with their revolutionary advances these modern trends will continue with Sri Lankan Wedding Photographers.

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