Matt Cutts Explians about Unnatural Backlinks to websites

emove-unnatural-backlinksHaving unnatural backlinks to your website or your clients website may be very problematic situation. As an owner of a SEO Agency in London, I come across this situation so many times and last couple of weeks have a been a period where I was clearing up those nasty backlinks profiles and digging deep “how that has happened” with the help of Logesh Kumar, the founder of Infozub. It’s been a very tiresome time consuming job, but that’s the only way to pull back the ranks for the clients sites and also for this site.

Why do you need to be aware of unnatural backlinkss to your website?

  • There is a high tendency your competitors doing negative SEO for your site with the use of Software.
  • Or your previous SEO guy could have done all those spammy links to your site and that’s the reason it does not rank. Couple of my clients who I took on board last month have the same issues and due to that reason I could not rank the sites on SERP’s in my record times and I have to now drop the clients sites as they are scared to Disavow the bad backlinks.
  • You probably tested your guns in the wrong way, doing a bunch of blog comments and Wiki links with help of SEnuke or GSA!

Whatever has happened is happened and now it’s time for a removal of those backlinks if you want to rank your sites on the SERP’s and in the below video Matt Cutts Explians about unnatural backlinks to your website.

Matt Cutts and Alex explain what it means if your site has a manual action labeled as “Unnatural links to your site” and what you can do to fix it.

Do you want to clean your site from these Spam links (or) Negative SEO?


  1. Ron Killian says:

    Interesting post and video Fernando.

    I am one of those people who are nervous about using the Disavow tool as I’ve heard some negative side effects after using it.

    Course the big thing, is as you’ve mentioned, how the competition can knock you out of the ranks. Sure doesn’t seem like it’s fair. Use to be, what was linked TO you couldn’t hurt you, but now it’s not so true. Odd that G doesn’t think this could happen. Or they don’t care?

    Thanks again, enjoyed the post :)

    • Hey Ron. Great to hear that. You know, it’s actually not that bad to Disavow backlinks and the come back is not horrible as to what I was even thinking in the first place. Even for this site I had to use the Disavow tool and the site is picking back for keywords. It’s just brave decision we have to take if for some reason the sites get negative SEO effects.

      Look forward to hearing from your soon.

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