How to Do Keyword research to find profitable keywords for your niche website?

How to Do Keyword researchKeyword Research is the most important area in starting a new online business or niche website. Why most people fail online is due the fact, they didn’t do proper keyword research before they register their domain name.

As I have to do a training course in London tomorrow, I wanted to take some time today and do a post about how to do Keyword research to find profitable keywords for your niche website or blog.

In my very first websites I just went about stating a blog without knowing the numbers. I kept writing and waited until the visitors come to the website. And later realized it does not happen that way. First you need to do a good keyword research to know what keywords are profitable or is it just you who has a need for that keyword you though maybe others are also searching online.

When you know the numbers like how many people search for that keyword in month, you can calculate the profitability of ranking for those on the search engines.

I use Google keyword Planner and other tools like Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro to find the best keywords for my niche websites and the clients websites I do SEO consultancy. Google keyword Planner is free and if you are just starting out and want to free solutions, you can get  the KW ideas from this free tool.

Below I have shared some of the best tutorials which explains how to do keyword research with keyword planner. Watch those videos and you will have a solid understanding about KR.

This is the very first thing I do during my WordPress Training Courses in London with SEO Training which I normally conduct on Weekends and on arranged week days. **The training is only £125 for full day training session where you will learn the strategies to start an online business or consult other local businesses as local business consultant.

Let’s start learning the secrets of KR from the best online tutorials.

Google Keyword Planner Tutorial for Keyword Research

This is another video for you to learn everything with a much slower phase and know everything to do a proper keyword research.

How to Use the Google Keyword Planner for SEO

Hope you now have a very good idea about how to do a basic to advance KR for your new website or for the current website which you are going to do content marketing.

If you look at this blog and the high volume of highly targeted visitors I get everyday, it all falls down to keyword research I do.

Even when you are writing an article it is important to know the exact words people use on search engines to find your services and products.

Why you should do keyword research?

I answered it earlier on this post, but let me put it down in bullets for you:

  1. To find the right words people use in your niche
  2. To know the exact numbers of times the keyword has been searched in a month
  3. To know the competitiveness if you decide to rank for particular keyword
  4. The CTC and the bidding price if you want to do PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)

Those are the main reasons why you should be doing KR every time you are starting a new blog or website. To be honest I run a quick KR before I even writing 1000+ words blog article in the morning.

Now if you want to take your KR game to the next level and want to know the best money-making profitable keywords, you will need to have either Market Samurai or Long tail Pro. The investment is worth your ROI.

How to do KR with Market Samurai?

This is great video by Justin Lewis

Market Samurai Tutorial #1: Finding A Niche

This is another video tutorial by Tyrone Shum who is a great online marketer and entrepreneur. Make sure to watch this till end as you will learn lot more than KR. Tyrone is one of the best teachers when it come teaching.

Market Samurai: How To Find Profitable Keywords Using Market Samurai

You see the importance what it can bring to you online business table.

Let’s look at Long Tail Pro which is my least used KR tool but I have heard most people really like it and have benefited form the tool.

How To Use Long Tail Pro To Find Keywords For Your Local and Small Business Tutorial

If you watched all the videos you should now know how to Do a perfect Keyword research to find profitable keywords for your niche website.

Now you might be thinking ok, I watched it but I don’t have a website or if you are struggling to get a Website or blog online with perfect On Page SEO, I have great a SEO training course with WordPress Web design and Blogging. It’s a full day training and you will learn everything you need to get started online and even go replicate the exact course for someone else and make money.

Check the details below:

WordPress Training Courses in London

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  1. And the best one is: Long Tail Pro. I am using this tool for last 3 months and I have made loads of money out of it.
    I would recommend you to try that. Anyways, Thanks for the article

  2. Hi, i also compose about Keyword research it’s not also good
    as your publish but make sure you read this situation of examine about Search phrases Resources,
    seo cockpit
    . Thanks to you for this quite useful post, better than mine i should confess -)

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