Inside Google – The Billion Dollar Machine we all use everyday (Documentary)

Google, the billion dollar machine we all use every. For most of us Google is a necessity, especially if you are an online marketing consultant or a blogger who live from passive income strategies like Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing.

Last 31st December I had a privilege to visit the Google London office with one of my friends who came from Google Zürich. It was a great experience and seeing some of the places of the Google office was exciting. If you have a friend who work at one of the Google offices around the world you should try to visit the Google office someday.

Today let’s take a closer look at Google. Inside the billion dollar business and search engine we all use and laterally every person have heard about. I remember the very first days of Google, I used to love the search functionality comparing to other search engines like Yahoo search and MSN search. One of the main reasons I instantly like Google was, its plain white background page. No distractions, just the search box for us to search what we are looking for.

What’s New in Google in 2014?

  • Managing apps for your users is getting even easier with the new Google Admin console
  • A new compose on Gmail – Compose new messages while keeping an eye on your inbox. The new experience is fast, easy to use and packed with new features.
  • Offline Access for Google Calendar. Keep track of your time offline.
  • Sprint customers can now seamlessly enable Google Voice on their mobile phones without having to get a new number, or choose to display their Google Voice 
  • Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean.

Why you would love working at Google?

You will see it on this video, if you have not visited a Google office yet. During my visit to Google I felt it would have been great to work at Google, then again I realised that’s the same as working for company rather building our own company. Anyway you will love this documentary about Inside the Google.

The documentary goes about talking about Facebook and how it has impacted some of the Google’s work. It’s really interesting by the end of the documentary.  

Inside Google – The Billion Dollar Machine (Documentary)  

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Also let me know you thoughts and if you have visited any Google office or if you are working at Google.

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