How to write a perfect Title tag for your web page?

Title tag is the most important elment in a webpage, when it comes to ranking organically on the search engines. As an SEO I always test the best methods to write the title tags and keep up to date with the Google changes as it’s the largest search engines when it comes to driving large amounts of organic traffic to any website.

Today while writing the Title tags for a new client website which sells the best coffee beans online, I had to do some research to find if there is any changes done on the mechanism of writing the title tags. because Google always changes their algorithms and SEO consultants like us has to keep changing our client websites for new guidelines.

Also getting the right title tag is the first step I make when I take client website online. For example, when I first took on board “Quick Wasters” who is client of mine who dominate the “Rubbish Removal London” niche in the London, I changed the their title to exactly get the main targeted keyword on very beginning of the title. you can see it by Googling “Rubbish Removal London” on the search engine.


So keep that tip in mind. And also one of the other reasons I’ve noticed recently is that the story telling type title tags tend get picked up well on the mobile devices and and for the voice searches, which is also something every web master should consider in the 2014.

Also there are few other things which you need to know when writing the title tag for any website which you seriously want to rank organically on the searches engines. There maybe slight deferences if you are trying to rank on Bing and Yahoo, which I really do not care much.

The below video by Matt Cutt, who is the Google’s head of Spam explains How to write a perfect Title tag for your web page and What you need to know. Also it tells about the how Google generates snippets and titles in search results.


  1. Hi Fernando,

    Thanks for this awesome post!

    Though I’m not good at SEO and learning, you taught me a good deal on how to write a perfect title tag!


  2. Christopher James says:

    Now I know how to write the perfect title tag. Thanks!

  3. Inverselogix says:

    Hi Fernando Biz,
    This is a nice post which helpful to become a good SEO for preparing Keywords.

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