How important is it to rank on the first page of Google

How to rank on the first page of Google

There has been a lot of talk lately about how important it really is to rank on the first page of Google. With so many SEO companies out there like Optimising, telling us how important it is to appear on the first page, how do we know how effective that really is? Of course it would increase your chances of being clicked on, but without any other strategy, is it really effective?

According to recent studies, the top result of one of Google’s organic search results receives a huge 33% of the traffic for that term. The second position receives a reported 18%, with visitors decreasing from there on. These results come from a recent study, but compared to those done earlier like 2010, the results are comparable. With such findings offering such startling information, it is no surprise that both small and large businesses with an online presence are seeing the importance of investing in SEO. In fact, the first page receives 92% of the traffic, the second page only receiving about 4% and getting worse from there.

From this data we can see that for the average user, the 1st page is the most important to them and the results that come up are the most relevant and appealing. As Google buckles down on who receives the highest rankings for any search results, the content that you create for your website or blog has to be more relevant than ever. We are seeing titles becoming very important in the fight for the top spot and keyword-less content. As users move towards a different style of searching, involving longer search terms, like questions, the importance of keywords is diminishing.

While this may all seem a little overwhelming an impossible for the average business to achieve, what we should take from this is the importance of earnest content. If you are a business and you offer a product or service, you are going to want to tell people about what you do. Offer yourself up for interviews and sponsor events, spend time creating an engaging social media profile that people will want to invest their time in.

All these basic steps are just what’s involved in creating a well rounded business, by focusing on these basics, you have already upped your chances of appearing at the top before you have even invested in an SEO firm.

By: Ivy H Delfin

Ivy is a professional Copy Writer and Digital Marketer.  You can connect with her at Google+ for more details about her work.

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  1. Ranking your website on the first page of google is a big help. Let’s say if your Web site ranked on Google for search queries that contain keywords and phrases related to your business and services you can almost always count on getting targeted traffic. If you convert that traffic into money you’re in business.

    • Fernando BizFernando Biz says:

      Thanks for your feedback and comment William. It surely does. I just got back from client consultation in Central London who found me thought Google. Organically ranking on the SERP is the best way to go about getting more traffic and business.

  2. Thanks for this awesome blog post which you people had posted here. I think You are doing a great job by mentioning the importance of to be first in google page.

    Thank you

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