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David Shing Talks about How we Re-Order The Digital Landscape


This is one of the most interesting talks which share the tips and how we Re-Order The Digital Landscape. The talk was give at the TEDx by David Shing. The guy looks little bit wired when I first saw, but when he started the talk, he captured the attention till the end with so much great information. Little bit about David Shing […]

How taking Cold Showers can Condition you to do Anything you want (Video)

Cold Showers

This might sound little crazy and you might not even want to experience this especially if you are living in the cold weather. For those of your who live in Asia like where I grew up before coming to United Kingdom, this would not be a hard test. However if you want to experience the […]

Can Subliminal Power Software Change Your Life for Good?

Subliminal Power

I don’t know if  you have heard about the Subliminal Power Software before, but I just came across it today while watching some videos by Mark Anastasi. If you don’t know who is Mark Anastasi, he is the guys who wrote the “The Laptop Millionaire: How Anyone Can Escape the 9 to 5 and Make […]

How Anyone Can Escape the 9 to 5 and build a Laptop Lifestyle

Laptop Lifestyle

The Laptop Lifestyle Today I wanted to share with you something I have been working on since early this year and now on my way to towards building a solid Laptop Lifestyle. My goal isn’t to escape 9-5 but to do something I like the most while helping others and achieving a great lifestyle where […]

London’s Future: The tech cluster in the Britain’s capital is on a roll

London Life

What will happen to London’s Future? I know you already have heard that London is an awesome city to live. But most of you might be thinking New York should be better or LA!  as to what I have seen and experienced, London should be even better!! I have good news for you. If you […]

How to build a Tribe with Human Network Intelligence?

Network Intelligence

Today I wanted to share some core ideas on Human Network Intelligence and building a tribe. If we have a look at the definition, intelligence can be reliably measured by standardized tests with obtained scores predicting several broad social outcomes such as educational achievement, job performance, health, and longevity. That’s how the world might think […]

Being the Richest Man in the Cemetery Doesn’t Matter


This is great quote by Steve Jobs and we know that he lived by this words during his lifetime. Steve Jobs speaks about what he was trying to accomplish in life and this is something also similar to what Mark Zuckerberg initially had when he was building Facebook. I guess now the things are changed […]

Build a freedom business: where you can live anywhere and work in your own terms


How to Build a freedom Business? This is the post I promise you guys this morning. I know these days everyone is interested in finding a freedom business or start a side hustle to support their lifestyles and gain more excitement while making money. I actually wanted to do a video on this topic but […]

When is The Best Time To Meditate

Andy Puddicombe

I just completed a new technique of meditation I found while listening to this amazing Ted talk while having my early dinner on a Saturday evening. The talk is by Andy Puddicombe on how experience mindfulness? He says “All it takes is 10 mindful minutes”. Continue Reading…