12 Reasons you should start a blog – You should know this!

Blogging is a one of the best things I’ve started in my life. it helped me in so many ways and had a direct influence on starting my business in the United Kingdom and also successfully finding clients from the earlly days. If you look at this blog, it was started while I was working in the corporate sector and I just wrote during my lunch hours and when I had some free time at work. And eventually I started to get traffic to the blog, the comments, shares and people directly writing to me and connecting with me on my Facebook.

12 reasons to start a Blog

In this article I want to share 12 Reasons you should also start a blog. The start may be hard and lonely when there are no people to read, comment on your blog, but trust me it will grow in many ways that you might even make a bukc from it. If you see this SEO Blog I started couple of weeks back is now making money online. I mean a very little, but the point is does and I know it will grow with time, maybe bringing in more revenues to my bottom line.

So let’s look at why you should be blogging

10 Reasons you should start a blog today

  1. This best things is you’ll become a better writing who can clearly communicate with words. In the digital economy if you can write well, you can make money. I first got my £1k deal for writing web content for a newly created website of travel agent in London!
  2. When you write you will become a better thinker. Because it’s proven that the process of writing includes recording thoughts on paper which helps you to stop and think deeper. This will lead you to develop an for meaningful things. 
  3. To blog, you need to read, so you become knowledgeable in the area you pick up to write. I started blogging on Internet marketing and search engine optimization and it helped me know so much about the subject and how things work on the web. This lead me even starting my own IM and SEO company in London.
  4. Blogging helps you go internation and make connections with people you otherwise wouldn’t even get to know. I know have friends and staff ,members throughout the world which I met through this blog. They found me by reading this blog and some of them become my clients, friends and even good employees.
  5. Also if you are a person who is looking for job, blogging is a great way to show you expertise and maybe get hired. I got clients because they were impressed by what they read here, likewise you can get a good job by presenting you blog on your CV.
  6. A blog is like a journal, so help you write, record important things. I remember how Pat Flynn of Smart Passive income mentions, how his exam preparation journalling blog turned in to a online income source.
  7. Writing continuously could help you launch your first eBook. I did it and you can do it as well. These two digital books (Social Media Marketing and SEO Strategy For Hospitality Industry and The Ultimate Sales Machine
    which are now on Amazon are published during my early days as a blogger. I couldn’t imagine writing a book if I did not develop my writing skill through daily blogging.
  8. This can help you build authority in a niche you chose to publish. Authority helps in many ways in the digital economy to make money. below are just few of the people who has become go to people in the online income world:
    • Pat Flynn has become a go to person for online passive income .
    • Darren Rowse is an authority on blogging.
    • Chris Guillebeau is an authority on nonconformity and travel hacking.
    • Brian Kelly is an authority on maximizing travel rewards.
    • Chris Ducker is an authority on hiring virtual assistants.
  9. Starting a blog will help you build a bricks and mortar business one day or even make money from Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.
  10. Having a blog will help you attract audience on Social networks and become a go to guy
  11. Your blog might turn into become a brand like fernandoBiz.com :)
  12. After all it’s free to blog. If you want a self hosted blog like this one which is the ideal in long run, it would just cost to register you domain and some cheap hosting to start with.

See what Darren Rowse – ProBlogger and Digital Photography School has to say about Blogging. 

Blogging has enabled me – an ordinary guy living in the suburbs of Melbourne Australia – to develop a voice and profile that stretches across the globe.

I still sometimes feel like I’m living in a dream – blogging has enabled me to meet and make friends with some wonderful people, to build learning communities around my passions and to create sustainable businesses that not only pay the mortgage but which help my readers and online network to make their lives better.

Blogging can be used in many ways to help you achieve your goals and make the world a better place. Go for it!

– Darren Rowse

So is there any reason you still do not want to start blogging this year? let me know below what you think and in anyway you need help in staring you very first blog and like to learn how to grow a blog and make money online.



  1. SEO Arbiter says:

    Hi Fernando,

    I especially like number 2 on your list.

    I have found plenty of times when writing about a topic that I need to research more it has really opened my mind to different view points that I otherwise wouldn’t have thought about.

    This really helped changed the way I think about things so I think you’re spot on there!


  2. Blogging gives the power to express yourself and the main reason is to become independent and earn money to full fill my dreams. I am talking with my visitors with my articles.

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