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10 Steps on how to move a WordPress website to a New Domain name without loosing SEO

how to move a WordPress website to a New Domain

Why would you want to know how to move a WordPress website to a New Domain name? Because you might have started a WordPress blog sometime back without much thinking about a perfect domain and now you want to transfer the site you’ve build for some time, to a new branded domain.  But most your may […]

How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Website?


How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Website? is the first step of starting you website or blog. But most people mess it up or think too much and waste time  when it comes to buying a domain name for their website. As I provide SEO training in London, I get to asked this question […]

Google facts you never heard that will blow your mind!


Google that’s the places we all go to find solutions, services and products in the modern economy. And they are billion dollar company which earns the way they want. Over last several years they’ve been growing rapidly that I doubt there would be any competitor could even come closer to their monopoly on the digital […]

This is how you should live your life… Or Is It?

How to Live Life

What if you got fired from your job today? Have you planned your retirement? or do you have a side hustle that would support your lifestyle? If you like the boring life and wouldn’t really care about extreme fun, then it’s no problem, you can simply find a another job. But what if you want […]

7 words that helps video SEO to yield video results on Search Engines

video SEO

Video SEO  is getting very popular and the click through rates are going above the roof. As a local business marketing consultant in London, I always test what best techniques could bring the fastest ranking results for my clients. And video marketing is a top activity which helps get quick results.  But how to do […]

7 Top Blogs to follow if want to learn SEO and Blogging for money

Top Blogs to follow

Blogging is one of the most interesting online marketing activities you can do to find leads for your business, make money and even run full time business form home with laptop and internet connection. But do you how top blogs really does it and how they have become to such big authorities online? As digital […]

9 Reasons why Social Media Marketing is the best for your home based business?


Social media and social media marketing are great for a home based business for a number of reasons (listed below). Just remember to go in with a plan and specific goals and remember that social media is a time vampire and it is easy to lose hours of productive time in social media (consider yourself […]

Why WordPress SEO is one of the most essential skills in the Digital Economy


In the digital economy, things may be very interesting if you know how to create WordPress websites that really rank organically on the social web. I mean if you have a budget for PPC Advertising, there is no issues, you just put a nice looking website and watch till leads flow. But the sad truth […]

Best Link Building training course ever released online – Point Blank SEO


Link building is one of the most important things you should do if you want to rank on extremely competitive local business and affiliate marketing niches. However most of the SEO’s and affiliate marketers do not know how to build that perfect link, so they end up blowing up their website on their journey of […]

How smart affiliates make money online with affiliate marketing


Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money online. And I use affiliate marketing to earn money online by promoting various ClickBank offers on this blog and also on my other niche websites that cater certain niches. Today I wanted to share this and even promote one of the best affiliate offer which you […]